Stress Reaction – no running

After TNF100 last month I took a week off running and then eased back into it.

However from the off it was evident that my left knee wasnt quite right. Not enough to stop me from running but enough to stop me from going full pelt. 

The pain was felt on the inside of the left knee and came on after 10km or so of running. I’ve been able to manage it by running on an incline on the treadmill which doesnt seem to aggravate it (could also be that my attention span doesnt allow me to stay on the treadmill any longer) and by keeping the pace down.

A week ago I ran hard to Manly which was around 22km’s and my knee was pretty sore towards the end. I took it easy for the week still running though. This Saturday I ran 20km’s and it was ok so  on Monday I went out and ran an out n back  of 40.60km’s. After 20km’s though my knee was killing me! The problem was I didnt take money or a phone with me so I had to run back. Even though the pace felt easy it was probably too much. I ran this in 2.57 and then instantly regretted it. 

The knee really flared up but with no signs or bruising. To cut a long story short I saw the physio this morning and seems to think it could be a stress reaction related to the fact that my training in the lead up to TNF100 was less than ideal. To confirm I’ll need an MRI which I’ll probably have on Saturday. In the meantime its being treated as a stress reaction – so its taped up and I must not run or walk much. Pretty frustrating but it leaves me with more time to work on my pull ups in the gym. 

Fingers crossed I’ll be back in business by the end of the month.

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