The North Face 100

This saturday i’ll be running The North Face 100km in the Blue Mountains of Sydney.

Not really mountains but pretty hilly nonetheless.

The boys at Ultra168 have done a pretty good preview of the race here so go check it out. Plenty of talk of runners going sub 10 and I think the eventual winner may even go sub 9!

As for my chances, well I have a few goals.

The first goal is to finish which is easier said than done. Last year a number of runners sacked it in after going off course due to vandals messing with the signage. Every chance that could happen again this year and if im affected I dont want to be one of those guys who throws their toys out of the pram. I want to be prepared to accept it and soldier in regardless, treating it as a long, enjoyable, beautiful training run.

That aside, my second goal is to beat my time from when i last ran in 2011. Although the lead-up to this years race hasnt been ideal I can look back on my race in 2011 and see where I can make up alot of time.

Firstly, my runners are in ok condition this time around. In 2011 I had to ductape them together and they fell apart after a few km’s which wasnt ideal. I also carried a huge backpack in that race – not this time around. I also suffered on the downhills not being able to take advantage of the free running. This year I have at least had some specific downhil sessions which I hope will make a difference. Since 2011 i’ve also run a 2.41 marathon and a 16.17 100 miler so I have that in the bank to look back on.

In 2011 I ran a time of 11.32 so I think 10.45 is achievable this time around. I’ll be happy with anything beginning with a 10 however.

My final goal is to just beat my 2011 time. Simple as that.

In terms of a race strategy I havent really thought too hard about it. I’ll certainly take the first half reasonably comfortably and I have splits for a 10.45 finish which I’ll be pacing myself by. I think it will be a super fast start this year so I need to ensure that I dont get mixed up in anything unsustainable and just stick with racing myself not others. There is a fair bit of road at the beginning though so i’ll still definitely take advantage.

After CP3 at 54km I plan on letting loose. I’ll definitely be feeling it by that stage but I hope to be able to raise my game and bring it home. Lets see what happens!

Nutrition wise i’ll be keeping it simple. I’ll have perpetuem until CP3 and from then i’ll just rely on gels and a few hammer bars. Maybe a cheeky pizza.

I dont drink a huge amount when im running so will fill up my 1.5 litre water bladder at the start and and at each CP just fill up my 500ml water bottle. No fiddling with my pack. From CP3 onwards i’ll also neck 600ml of powerade at each CP before continuing on. I hope to be in and out in under 90 seconds.

My last solid training run was last Wednesday when I did 50 Woolloomooloo stair repeats. This took about an hour and is 14 meters from the bottom to the top. This works out to be 700 meters of climbing in about 5km which isnt bad. I had this as a goal session to complete before the race and im lucky I did it last week as my calf muscles have only just  recovered. Hopefully I’ll feel a training effect in time.

Thats it for now. Super pumped to get into it.

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