Its been a while..

Last time i posted back in February I was rabbiting on about how well I was going to do at the Stromlo 100km event. Well, it kicked my ass!

The pace was too ambitious for me, i was looking at a 7hr 10 finish time when I pulled the pin at the embarrassingly early mark of 30km’s. The main excuse is I went off too fast for my level of fitness. Although my lungs and ticker felt in decent shape my legs fell apart on me. I was still moving fine by the time i pulled out but I was getting a niggle in my groin which was slowly getting worse and worse. If it had of been a trail race with 30km’s between check points I would have put my head down and ploughed on. The nature of this 1km loop course however completely messed with my head and in the end I persuaded myself to pull out.

In hindsight this was a soft decision. I could have slowed down a lot and still come in under 8hrs but that wasnt the aim. A great experience though and I’ll definitely give it another crack at some point.

Thankfully when I woke up the next day after the run I was sufficiently sore in my groin region to make me think I had done the right thing. Still, it was a long way to drive for 30km’s.

March was a big month for me, not in running terms mind you. I got hitched and then had a great honeymoon and piled on a few kilos. Loved every minute of it too! I ran a grand total of 147km’s in March – not the ideal lead up to TNF100 next month.

I arrived back in the country during the first week of April and threw myself back into the running, conscious of the fact that I haven’t really trained for TNF100.

On the 13th April I met up with Ewan and did 50km’s on the the North Face course. Was good to get out there again. We didnt push the pace and it felt largely comfortable which was encouraging. 6hrs 15 for my longest hit out in a very very long time.

A couple of days ago I decided to have a fast run around the block to see what I had in my legs. Decided to go for 5km’s. Not flat out but certainly fast enough to hurt.

3.33/3.34/3.32/3.32/3.27 = 17.40

Felt surprisingly springy so maybe the extended break hasn’t been such a bad thing.

Only this week have I suddenly started feeling fit again, like I was feeling prior to Stromlo 100km. This is a good sign that it is all coming together again.

In an effort to start tracking my progress I’ll start blogging again more regularly. I’ll start now by saying that i went on a medium long run through Lane Cove National Park this morning. Took a couple of falls on the hidden tree roots and almost fell into the river. Apart from that it was a good run. Didn’t take any food or water with me so was  bit parched on return but felt good overall. My final 3kms were around the local park where i picked up the pace slightly to record 3.55/3.50/3.38 and finish up with 30km’s in 2hrs 21 (4.42’s)

Time goal for TNF100 this year will be to beat my 2011 time of 11hrs 32. My lead up this year has left a lot to be desired but I feel that my overall fitness base is significantly better than 2011. I’ll be heading out with splits for an 11hr finish but whatever happens i’ll be finishing this one, even if I have to crawl it in!

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