Stromlo 100km

This weekend ill be lining up for the Stromlo 100km.

The race is run on a 1km asphalt loop and as far as I know relatively flat.

The idea is to run 100km’s as fast as possible. What does this mean for me?

Well I think 7hrs 30 will be a lofty goal so that will be my target. This translates to 4.30’s for the whole distance.

My plan (it may be flawed) is to set out at 3hr marathon pace (4.15’s). Given my marathon PB of 2.41 from last year, 3hr pace will be relatively comfortable – up to a point. I actually feel as though I’m in slightly better shape than 2.41 given past workouts which is comforting at this late stage.

I’m focusing on the first 60km at 4.15 m/km pace which will consequently see me pass the distance in 4hrs 15. After that stage ill have less than a marathon distance left and 3hrs 15 to cover that which equates to a blowout pace of 4.52 m/km. Looks simple on paper.

If we look at Brendan Davies who ran 6hrs 55 for 100km at last years World Champs his average pace was 4.09’s which is outstanding. I believe Brendan has a marathon PB of let’s say 2.30 or 3.33’s which is 11 minutes better than mine.

11 minutes multiplied by the 2.35 (marathon distance x 2.35 = 100km or thereabouts) = 25 minutes

So, in essence if I ran the race of my life I could in theory be 25 minutes off Brendan’s 6.55 time which equates to 7hrs 20. Extremely slim odds but if I’m having a good day up to the 60km point then this thought will motivate me to dig deep.

Fuel will be Hammer Perpetuem as standard and water. No need to over-engineer it.

Footwear will be my tattered old NB MT100’s. Yes they are a trail shoe but I really don’t wear anything else on road or trail. They are completely worn out but still comfortable. Love them

It should be a great race. The biggest attraction is currently Australian Olympian Marty Dent who will be going for the Australian 100km record of 6hrs 29. As far as I know it will be his first ultra but I’d say there is a great chance that he’ll achieve his goal. I’m pumped to be there to see him in action.

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