Week of Speed

Last week was a little bit different to my usual training week. I decided to cut the volume and ramp up the speed. Have felt great for it too. Feeling really fresh now and ready for a big week.

Yesterday I went out for a 10km tempo run with the aim of running the 2nd half faster than the first. It was chucking it down but fun to run in the rain. Km’s were:

3.36/3.44/3.46/3.45/3.41 3.40/3.36/3.35/3.34/3.20

36.18 all up (3.38’s).

Only 60km’s for the week but I’m not going to lose any fitness having the occasional week like this. Have even managed to squeeze in a couple of weights sessions.

I’ve decided to run the Striders 10km at homebush next Saturday. I’ve never run a 10km race before but I think low 34’s should be a reasonable target for me and its what Mcmillans Calculator spits out when I throw in my marathon time. After running 35.20 around the local park last Tuesday I’m confident of being able to shave a minute off that under race conditions. Won’t be tapering for it as its really too short of a race for any kind of taper.

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