Making it up as I go

Ever since I started running in 2009 I haven’t really had any structure to my training. I just make it up as I go along. No change there today.

I headed across the road to the small park with the aim of doing 10kms at marathonish pace, 5 minutes rest, then 5km and half marathonish pace then another 10km at marathon pace.

Had a 1km warm up then I rolled into it.

The first 10km I managed in 37.10 (3.43’s) which in fact would be a few seconds quicker than marathon pace. It was then 5 minutes rest to stretch and drink followed by the 5km rep. I pulled this off in 17.44 (3.32’s) which again is quicker than my half marathon pace but not to worry. 5 more minutes rest.

The final 10km was a half fail. I only managed 5km before pulling the pin. Not sure why I bailed. Boredom I think. I was still running strongly. The brain is bizarre. Nonetheless the time was 18.35 (3.43’s). In hindsight I should have made the effort to finish that off. If I was struggling I could have slowed it down to my planned 100km race pace which I’m optimistically going to set at 4.15’s for as long as I can hold it. I’ll talk about that in another post.

21km for the day

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