Long Slow Run

I decided to take another rest day on Friday after my ear popping incident. Feel fine now. That’s 2 rest days for the week. Don’t want to make that a habit like last year.

Saturday morning I ignored my early morning alarm and had a lie in. Decided not to get up a 5am and then the day turned into a stinker. I headed out at 4pm for a short run. Just 10km at a comfortably fast pace around the local park. 38.32 (3.51’s).

This morning I headed out at the more reasonable hour of 7am. Didnt have breakfast prior but had a banana and a Hammer bar during the run. Not an interesting route. Just on the roads to Centennial Park for a couple of laps then home again. I kept the pace really slow and felt pretty comfortable. Need to do some lower back weights though as I was feeling sore in that area.
40km’s in 3hrs 8 (4.43’s).

109km’s for the week which is pretty good for me. Should be higher at this stage in my training however. 2 days off doesn’t help. Won’t dwell on that.

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