Centennial then Home

As the title suggests, last night I headed over to centennial park for a couple of fastish laps. I get pretty good for 14.5km averaging 4.01’s then I slowed run down on the way home.

Haven’t been feeling 100% all week. Y ears keep bursting when I’m running which is more distracting than anything.

All up 24.8km in 1hr 44 (4.12’s)

2 thoughts on “Centennial then Home

  1. hi ian interesting about the ears bursting! i guess you mean popping . i wonder if you are blowing hard with your mouth closed and lips pursed and increasing some sort of pressure, or if youve had a recent cold and your eustachian tubes are blocked in which case an antihistamine like loratadine ie clarityn 1 a day might help. just a thought you nutter! Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 21:12:23 +0000 To: mikegallagher2000@hotmail.com

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