Nelson Bay

Good week of running. Monday started off well with 52.5km’s in the Blue Mountains. This effort did leave me feeling sore so I took the Tuesday off as a precaution.

Wednesday I was back into it and ran down to Lane Cove to run the river loop. In fact I also did this on Thursday for 20.2km a piece.

I spent the next few days holidaying in Nelsons Bay and managed to squeeze in a couple of runs whilst there. 13.67km on Friday and then 2 short commute runs on Saturday running to and from Fingal Bay beach. Roughly 7km’s each.

Today I headed out at midday and ran a couple of local trails. Had to take it easy as the day had warmed up to 30 degrees. 27.53km’s in 2hrs 14 (4.53’s).

All up 148km’s for the week. I haven’t had as high a week (outside of a race week) since Feb 2011. Lets hope I can keep this up. Tuesday should be interesting as temps are meant to be touching 40 degrees. All good training though.

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