2012 Personal Wrap Up

2012 ended up being the year of the PB in most cases. 

In May I managed to take a few minutes off my half marathon best to take it to 78.27. I then followed this up in July by having an ambitious crack (given half pb best) at trying to break 2hrs 30 at the Gold Coast Marathon. I gave this one my best shot but in the end came up short but with a new pb of 2.41.

I was feeling fit and went into the the Mt Solitary Ultra in August with plans to go under 5hrs and at least beat last years time of 5hrs 15. However, my eagerness got the better of me and I went out way too fast and blew up hard. My complete lack of hill training also played a significant factor. In the end I crawled home in 5hrs 24. Lesson learnt. 

The next major event was the Oxfam Trailwalker later that month. I was part of Team Gu Sports and we strolled home in a touch over 14hrs with a man down. This felt incredibly comfortable and I went into The Glasshouse 100 miler pretty pumped. The day turned out to be a good one, the course really suited me (fairly non technical smooth trail/dirt road) and I jogged in with a time of 16hrs 17 for a 100 mile pb of about 9 hours. Nice. 

I finished the year off with another Running Wild event  – Glenbrook Marathon. The day was a scorcher, the course was slightly long (~46km) and the time slow (3hrs 52) but it was enjoyable nonetheless. 

The table below is a brief overview of my mileage for the year (km’s)

Time Period
Dec 2012 29 500.78 41:10:12
Nov 2012 21 367.41 27:08:30
Oct 2012 19 280.33 21:23:49
Sep 2012 10 247.20 24:13:38
Aug 2012 13 342.28 34:50:15
Jul 2012 29 425.97 33:59:07
Jun 2012 16 233.63 17:09:52
May 2012 24 327.45 24:00:25
Apr 2012 20 307.88 28:21:15
Mar 2012 26 454.88 38:15:18
Feb 2012 25 391.61 32:20:53
Jan 2012 29 357.13 29:33:03

The table below is a historical summary since I started running:

2012 261 4,236.55 352:26:16
2011 221 3,658.85 311:14:08
2010 188 2,806.56 252:28:00

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