Couple of long runs

Pleasingly I managed to hit 101 kms last week. I've never done this much during the festive period. Feeling good.

Last Friday I was out the door by 5.30am for a long road run. I saw Mccars Creek Road on the map so jogged up there and looped home via Pittwater Road and Warringah road. Didn't really keep an eye on my pace, just ran by feel. Went through the marathon mark in 3.18 and then slowed a little towards the end.

Mccars Creek Road

Mccars Creek Road

53km's all up in 4hrs 11 (4.45's). Didn't feel sore the next day so the training must be paying off.

Saturday and Sunday were a couple of bog standard runs. Too boring to write about.

Today the alarm woke me up at 4am for an early start in the Blue Mountains. I got to Explorers Tree at 5.30am for the Pluvi Return run. The run goes down Nellies Glen and along the 6ft Track course. The turn around point is at the top of Pluvi. So some good elevation (over 2000 meters in total).

Lovely day out. About 15 degrees and foggy at the start and 30 degrees at the finish. The highlight of the run was being charged by a wombat about 30 minutes into the run. Was brilliant. Tried to take a photo but I was too slow.

Rather than go through Coxs river I took the bridge option for a change.

I wasn't shooting for a fast time today and just took my time soaking it all up. I was actually in stitches laughing during the run as I was listening to a Ricky Gervais podcast. Recommended.

Plenty of campers and walkers out. No quad bikes for a change either which was great.

I got to the top of Pluvi in about 2.40 I think which is pretty slow. I power hiked the vast majority of the climbs.

Saw a cracker of a Goanna on the return leg. I tried sneaking up on it to take a photo but unfortunately I wasn't stealthy enough. So much wildlife in Australia, love it!

Nellies Glen wasn't actually as bad as I remembered. Ran out of drinks at this stage and took some water from a cleanish looking waterfall. Also dunked myself under it. Heaven.

All up 52.50km in 5hrs 33 (6.21's).

The previous times I've done this run were in July 2011 (5.59) and Feb 2012 (5.31).

I'll do this one day and give it a red hot go. Probably in the winter.


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