Christmas Running

I dont think i’ve ever run on Christmas day and this Christmas was no exception. Can’t take the running too seriously afterall.

Having said that I did manage to squeeze a run in either side of Christmas day.

Christmas eve was a slow jaunt into the city to pick up a few things from the office. Took is nice and slow and as a result it was 13km in 59.33 (4.36’s).

Christmas Eve was spent at the in-laws where I made a dent in the 12 kilo ham. Magic!

Today I decided I best get out there and pump the heart a little bit. The plan was to do a progressive style 10km starting at 4 minute km’s then working down to 3.55’s, 3.50’s, 3.45’s and so forth. Jogged down to the dog park which was absolutely rammed.

I cocked the first km up as I went too quickly then I did a slight variation towards the end.

3.43/3.53/3.50/3.45/3.38    3.35/3.28/3.30/3.25/3.18

All up it was 10km in 36.06 (3.36’s) and I felt pretty good. Felt nice sitting on 3.40’s knowing    I could pick it up a notch quite comfortably. Only issue with this park is there is lots of kid and dog dodging to do so you cant really switch off.

Highlight was almost getting run over by a Great Dane.

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