5 x 3 x 1 (off 3 mins)

After monday’s stair run effort i had pretty tired legs for the first part of the week. Just goes to show i need to do them more.

Tuesday was a run home plus a little bit more. Legs were really dead. 14.39 km in 1hr 6 (4.34’s)

Wednesday was more of the same. Legs still feeling heavy. 13.51 km in 1hr (4.27’s)

Thursday I took myself off to Centennial Park after work and shook the legs out a bit. Actually felt quite easy this one which was a nice change. 19km in 1hr 18 (4.08’s)

Friday I was able to squeeze in a longer run covering a couple of local trails. Took this one easy and just enjoyed the scenery. 21.41 km in 1hr 44 (4.52’s)

Yesterday I did a loop run to Manly via Spit and up Allambie road to Frenches Forest and home via Warringah road. The heat sapped me a bit so flaked a bit towards the end. Decent enough though. 27.63km in 1hr 59 (4.19’s)

Today after falling asleep on the sofa for the afternoon I decided to get my act together and head across to the dog park for an interval session. Not sure where I got the inspiration from for this workout but it suddenly came to me. 5km x 3km x 1km with 3 minutes rest between sets.

The 5km set was to be run at marathon pace. I set my sights on 3.40’s which is roughly 2.35 marathon pace. Ambitious but something to aim for. This was meant to feel easy. The reps were 3.37/3.31/3.35/3.36/3.34  A bit quicker than planned which probably took a bit too much out of me in hindsight.

After 3 minutes rest it was onto the 3km set. This was to be run at roughly 5km pace which I set at 3.20 (given i’ve never run a 5km race before). Reps were 3.21/3.24/3.20

This felt hard. After the second lap which was a blow out I convinced myself that I wasnt going to do the last part of the workout so I should give it my all to hit 3.20 for the last km. This seemed to work. However i had talked myself out of the last part of the workout.

After 3 minutes though i was feeling absolutely fine so decided to finish what i’d set out to do. The 1km rep was meant to be an all out effort. After the first couple of hundred meters i knew it wasnt going to be quick and i finished up with a 3.09.

Good workout without being out for hours. The beauty being that only an hour later I dont even feel like ive had a workout.

This was the first time in a very long time that ive run every day of the week. Doesnt happen often.  Feeling good now. Need to really do a long run though as I’ve only been doing medium long runs. I’ll sort that out next week.

122.60km for the week. Not too bad for the middle of silly season.

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