Changes and Goals

95km for last week. Only really ran on 4 occasions. Was written off on Thursday after the work Christmas do, not good. Punished myself the next day with 32km around Bondi and Watsons Bay etc. 2hrs 28 (4.38). Nice and slow and felt easy actually. Should do more slow runs.

On the Wednesday I did my first stair session in a long time. Standard run home via Woolloomooloo stairs. Managed 10 reps before I wanted to be sick. That never happens. The sickness was coming from my legs. Guess it was the lactic acid build up. Then it was a wobbly 12km or so home. All up 16.30km in 1hr 21 (5.00’s).

Clearly not in order my Saturday run was a bush run firstly round middle cove then through Davidson up to Frenchs Forest. Nice and slow again. Saw my first ever snake. Really excited by it. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for the last 3 yrs and then on Saturday I saw one. It was about a metre long and greenish. Possibly a tree snake or something. It didn’t hang around for long. Pretty awesome. Hope to see many more now. 24km in 2hrs 18 (5.47’s). The track was really overgrown hence the slower time. Trees everywhere.

Sunday I went for a walk around Manly Dam with Phill then had a dip in the sea after. Bloody freezing. Good recovery walk and we were walking briskly for 2hrs. I’m gonna call it 10km. Everything counts at this time of year.

Today I went home via Woolloomooloo stairs again. Gonna do this at least once per week. The aim was to build on last weeks effort and shoot for a minimum of 15.

I felt like throwing up after 11 reps this time and slogged it out for 20 in total. The garmin doesn’t do too well on stairs but I think my quickest effort was about 25 seconds. Kept them pretty consistent. Then a slow jaunt home it was. All up 17.61 in 1hr 34 (5.20’s). This is just the tonic I need. The runs home were becoming boring. Changing it up with stairs helps. But then it’s still the boring run home after. Just on wobbly legs.

So onto the changes and goals. I’ll start by briefly laying out some goals for next year not in any particular order:

*Sub 8hr 100km
*Sub 11hr TNF100
*Sub 15hr 100 mile (on a track)
*Sub 2.40 marathon (might not get the chance to train properly for this next yr)
*230km+ 24hr track
*Sub 30hr Coast to Kosci (240km)

To achieve this goals I’m going to have to start taking my training seriously. This means consistently hitting a minimum of 100kms a week on average, something I’ve failed to do this year. I need to incorporate morning runs. My diet is good and largely vegetarian with meat once per week on average. The major change that needs to take place is dramatically cutting down on the booze. It seems like my tolerance to alcohol has lessened the fitter I’ve become. It’s got to the stage where really I shouldn’t be drinking more than a couple of drinks as it wipes me out. I can’t realistically achieve my goals if I’m binging on booze every Friday after work so I’m cutting that out completely. I’m hoping this may even help bring my blood pressure down to normal levels which is another factor. Something to rule out anyway and monitor properly over the year.

The fact is I get so much more enjoyment from my running than I do from drinking too much on a Friday night that its a no brainer. Plus I’m a 30yr old man and not a teenager any more. Time to grow up!

The ultimate goal after 2013 is Spartathlon in 2014. This race is iconic. I’ll talk more about it in further posts but its a real runners ultra. With cutoffs such as having to complete the first 50 miles in under 9 and a half hours there is no room to dawdle. Enticing indeed.

20121217-195538.jpg manly dam

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