Can’t be arsed

Bog standard boring as sin run home on Monday. Calf felt much better. Not quite right but definitely better. 13.6km in 1hr 2 (4.33’s). Felt a bit hypo on this run again. 3rd run in a row. Seems to happen after about 2km. Really annoying more than anything as all I want to do is stop and eat. And the amount of sweat coming off me is ridiculous. After 10 minutes I’m good as gold. Strange.

Headed to the pub after work tonight so that cancelled out all plans to run. Fancied a day off anyway. Will have to start running in the mornings. Been saying that for the last year though and nothing has materialised.

Discovered some stairs in Woolloomooloo. Will give those a going over tomorrow night. Need to start incorporating them into my training runs in prep for TNF100. Something different. Going a bit stale doing the same run home each night.

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