Sore Calf

After deciding not to run on Friday due to my sore calf I was hoping that I’d be good to go on Saturday for a long run. The moment I woke up I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Was even more sore than on Friday. Bugger! After a couple of hours deliberating whether or not to head out I thought I’d pop out for a slow trail run and if it got too painful I’d turn back.

Fortunately the pain didn’t get any worse and I had an enjoyable run around the local trails. Wasn’t fast but ill probably have to stay off the speed work for the week just in case.

22km in 1hr 48 (4.55’s).

This morning I had every intention of heading out for a 40km+ run but I woke up and quite frankly could not be bothered. Absolutely lovely morning up until 9am then the clouds rolled in and the wind came out. Over the course of the morning it was bugging me more and more that I hadn’t put a long run in. The more I left it the less I felt like heading out. Was blowing a gale. Nevertheless, after an awesome lunch I laced up and headed up. Calf was feeling considerably better but still aggravating me so again it wasn’t going to be fast. Felt rubbish for the first few km’s and only really found my rhythm after halfway. I did an out and back to Centennial Park and just a solitary lap around the park. I was almost blown off my feet a few times. Almost headed home after 10km but in the end racked up a half decent 36.6km in 2hrs 37 (4.19’s).

118km for the week

Big shout out to Ewan for winning Coast to Kosci in great style. Looks like he didn’t get caught up in the fast pace at the start which resulted in carnage. Kept to his game plan and pulled it off. Hope to be there next year.

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