More intervals

Had a bit of a shocker of a run home last night. Felt all hypo and started pouring sweat. Eventually grinded to a halt and had to walk a couple of km’s until I started feeling ok again. Took every ounce of willpower to not jump on a bus. 13.5km in 1hr 6 (4.54’s).

Off to the park again tonight for some more interval training. Quite enjoying this type of training now. Noticing the benefits which makes it more enticing.

The plan was 10 x 400m off 400m recovery. I wasn’t going to go full pelt, the idea was to run with good form. High knees, running on my toes etc. Ran by feel as I can’t work out how to time myself accurately on the garmin on the go. Only once I’m finished can i look at my splits. Anyway, I’m sounding like a broken record so here they are:



Last did these on the 20th November (in bold) and I only managed 8 and was stuffed. I paced it better this time and finished quicker. Actually imagined I was Jonah Lomu on the last rep and ran quite powerfully with not a whole lot more effort. Will do these more often. Pretty pleased with the session. Is quite a bit of effort lifting the knees up and all that, definitely takes practice. Will make me faster in the long run though.

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