Intervals – 6 x1km

Spent most of last week recovering from the Glenbrook Marathon. Was sore on Monday and Tuesday so drank whisky instead of running.

Ran home on Wednesday and Thursday and then had Friday and Saturday off doing other activities.

Sunday I popped to the local park for an interval session. The plan was 6 x 1km with a 90sec recovery. The idea was to hit 3.20’s. Session went well:


Struggled at the end but got it done. Looking back over my training it seems that this was the quickest 1km interval session ive done. So i’ve gotta still be in at least 2.41 marathon shape which is good news.

Back into proper training this week. Standard run home last night and then it was off to Centennial Park after work tonight. 21.5 km in 1hr 27 (4.02’s). Couldn’t see afterwards with all the sweat that had dripped into my eyes.

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