Weekly Summary 12/11 – 18/11

Mmmm, not the best week of running by any means. Not nearly the volume I was after for various reasons so it looks like I have had a taper for The Glenbrook Marathon next Sunday which really isn’t a bad thing.

Monday was interesting. Given I haven’t really done any hill running for months I thought I should attempt running something with a bit of incline. So on the way home from work I stopped off at Mrs Macquaries Chair and hammered a few repeats off. Cant remember how I many reps I did. Definitely more than 10 but less than 20. Lets say 15. All up, 14.5km in 1.12 (4.59’s)

Tuesday was diddly squat. Woke up sore which was a good sign that i have definitely been neglecting hill work. Need to incorporate more into my training. Slack. Think I slacked off running for a beer opportunity. So long ago now that I can’t quite remember!

Wednesday I was still sore. Have to laugh. Legs felt heavy but I managed a pretty decent run home – 13.64 in 58.06 (4.16’s) Generally if I can do this run in under and hour its a pretty decent run.

Thursday, you guessed it – nothing! Gave my lungs a workout at the Elton John concert mind you. Surely that must count for something…

Friday I managed to haul myself out of bed at 6.15am which is cause for a celebration. This happens once in a blue moon during school days. I knew I wouldn’t have time in the evening though so off to the local park it was. The plan was 2 x 4km off a 3 minute recovery. Read about this workout on another blog so thought i’d give it a shot. Hadn’t been looking forward to this at all. Not wanting to completely kill myself I figured that if I could average 3.40’s for both reps then that isn’t a bad benchmark to start tracking improvements.

The first rep was 14.33 (3.38’s) so on target. After a 3 minute slow jog recovery the last rep was completed in  14.13 (3.33’s) which was really pleasing. Will try and do 2 or 3 of these a month. Felt like I had a good workout after. 11.70km all up including warm up and warm down in 47.40 (4.04’s).

Spent the weekend in Nelson Bay and sunk a fair bit of booze on both Friday and Saturday night. The nightly entertainment lends itself to drinking too much…

Saturday morning was a nice jog along the coast with Phill on her bike. Ran to a hill and ran up it and then ran back. Slower than normal average pace as ran 1/4 of the way down the hill and then walked back up with Phill and then down again.  11km in 1.02 (5.39’s).

Sunday morning was more of the same except the other direction. Pace was comfortably fast on the way out and then I picked it up on the way back. Pouring sweat afterwards. 11km in 44.22 (4.02’s).

Gotta say, I feel pretty fit so The Glenbrook Marathon should be a good gauge of where i’m at. Really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately won’t be running in the Stromlo 12hr event anymore in February due to family commitments but I did sign up for The North Face 100 in May. Preparation won’t be ideal as i’ll be on my honeymoon in for 2 weeks until the end of March. You can bet your bottom dollar that i won’t be returning in the best shape! Cannot wait!!

62km in total this week in 4.45. Not much but won’t dwell on it.

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