Weekly Summary 5/11 – 11/11

The week started off well with a long run around Centennial Park. 32kms in 2hrs 13 (4.10’s).

Tuesday was a day off and Wednesday was the bog standard run home 13.60km in 1hr 2 (4.36’s).

On Thursday I trotted off the local park to try my hand at a few 800m reps. The loose plan in my head was to aim for reps between 2.30 and 2.40. The rest period was a 400m jog in between. I didn’t look at my watch once during the reps so it was all by feel. They went like this:


Did aim for 10 but gave up after 8. The last time I did these was in June 2011 and I only managed 6 averaging 2.45’s so it’s a good improvement. Again, could probably push myself harder if I wasn’t doing them solo.

Friday was another boring run home. However it was made slightly more difficult having consumed a pint of beer and eaten a large burger and chips soon before leaving. Hence averaging 4.46’s for the 13.7km run.

Saturday I headed down to Centennial Park before breakfast. Fairly average run. Was starving afterwards. 34.11km in 2hrs 26 (4.16’s). I then attended a wedding in the afternoon and enjoyed a few beers and glasses of red in the evening. Lovely.

Today I got up early after the Wedding and ran into Manly to collect the car. Started off fairly slow.y but picked it up towards the end. 15.09km in 1hr 2 (4.09’s).

All up 119.54km in 8hrs 31.

A good week in the end. Really need to start doing more hill work though. Thats something I’ve been neglecting and will probably pay the price at the Glenbrook Marathon in a couple of weeks. I don’t have particularly high hopes in that race anyway.

In other news the Great North Walk took place this weekend. Brenda Davies took part in his first miler and what a debut it was. He smashed the course record although I’m not sure of his official time. Has to be Ultrarunner of the year without a doubt. This would have to seal the deal after his 6.55 and the 100km world champs earlier in the year. Not to mention the numerous other races he has taken out. Very impressive

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