Weekly Summary 29/10 – 4/11

Well for the first time in God knows how long I’ve strung together 6 runs in one week. Feeling great for it too.

Monday was a 29km jaunt around Centennial Park. 2hrs 2 (4.13’s)

Tuesday and Wednesday were both typically boring runs home from work. Both 13.7km and both in 1hrs 2 (4:32’s).

Thursday was a jog over to Centennial Park again after work. This time for 23km in 1hr 40 (4.21’s)

Friday was a day off running. Good pizza and plenty of beer in the evening. Lovely

Saturday was yet again another trip to Centennial Park. I ran down there from home and completed 35km’s in 2hrs 29 (4.16’s). Felt comfortable the whole time. Only took a little water with me and just burned all the pizza and beer off from the previous night.

Sunday I thought I should probably attempt a bit of speed work as I’ve been neglecting it because its too hard at the moment! So I set off to the park for 4 x 2km off a rolling 90secs.

The plan was to split 7mins for each 2km rep. I had a feeling this would be quite ambitious given my lack of speed work. Last time I did this was back in June just before running a 2.41 marathon at the Gold Coast. Then I managed 6.45, 6.54, 6.59, 6.56 off a 60 second rolling recovery.

Today it wasn’t to be. First rep was 6.59 and that practically blew me apart. Second rep of 7.16 and then my brain was just telling me to pack it in and come back another day. So I actually started walking and jogging then decided to get my act in gear but the resulting third rep was 7.52. All was not lost however as I left it all out there for a final rep of 6.57.

Given the last rep was good makes me think I should have been able to do better on my 2nd and 3rd sets. Always a battle with the brain. Especially hard doing these on your own. 10.60km including warm up and cool down in 41min (3.52’s). A great use of 40 minutes!

That gives me 125km’s for the week in 8hrs 56. Not too shabby.

Oh yeah, this is what my ankle looks like after last Sundays fall:


3 thoughts on “Weekly Summary 29/10 – 4/11

  1. Hey Ian, great training week, could you explain how you managed to do such mileage on a busted ankle??? Was the ankle not as bad as it looked, did you have some great treatment method, or did you just run through the pain? Any info that might help us mere mortals (who, if faced with the same problem, might take the entire week off) would be appreciated! Thanks, mate!

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