Slowly but surely

Last week started out pretty well with some decent runs home at a good clip. Then on Thursdayni ventured across to Centennial Park to do a load of 400m sprints. Big fail. Mind wasn’t switched on and i didn’t have a route mapped out. Quit after 2 and ended up just running. Managed 13km so salvaged something in the end.

Friday was nothing as was Saturday. Not good.

After a wedding on Saturday night I ditched all plans of an early morning run and instead ran to Phills parents house via a couple of local trails. 11km in I tripped on a paving stone and sent myself flying. Smashed my arm and ankle on a wall and ripped my back apart. Quite embarrassing. Initially thought I had broken my arm as there was a huge lump jutting out of my forearm but it turns out it was just an awesome bruise. My ankle swelled up beautifully and I still can’t see my ankle bone. It funnily doesn’t really hurt. After the fall I plodded on to finish up with 23km’s which wasn’t all bad.

Today I set off to Centennial Park after work. The plan was 30km’s running the first 10km in 4.30’s, second 10km in 4.15’s and the final 10km in 4.00’s.

Pulled the pin with 29km’s in the bag as I couldn’t be arsed to do another lap of the park and I was getting hungry out there. A successful outing nonetheless averaging 4.13’s. Probably do this workout fairly regularly from now on as its specific to the Stromlo race in February. Having said that, going round in circles for 2 hours today was a little tedious, I’m still getting my head around the idea of doing something monotonous for 12 hours.

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