What Next?

It’s been quite a while since I last posted and that’s largely due to having done very little running.

After Glasshouse 100 I took off 2 weeks completely. I didn’t do any running in this time. I actually felt really good after the race apart from my shins were hurting – possibly shin splints or something, I’m not sure. Anyway, probably a blessing as they stopped me from going running too soon.

I started back again in October but fairly sporadically. To be honest I’ve been socialising fairly heavily which seems to have taken precedent over running. Enough is enough and now I’m chomping at the bit to get back into it.

The first 3 weeks of October my mileage has looked like this: 28km, 40km and 66km. Low mileage but the intensity has been high, I’ve been hitting the gas pretty hard. Longest run so far has been 20km.

So what’s next on the racing calendar for me? Well I’m signed up to run in Running Wilds Glenbrook Marathon on the 25th November. I last ran this back in 2010 and had my one and only DNF after falling badly and bruising my hip. That little fall put me out for 2 months!

I don’t have any high hopes for this race, I’m definitely not race fit but will do my best to get as fit as I can over the next 4 weeks.

That is likely to round out 2012 for me.

Moving ahead to 2013 one race that has caught my eye is the Stromlo 12hr race in Canberra on 16th February. Definitely not the usual type of race I’d do but something different and it’ll certainly be a huge challenge.

The premise of the race is to run as far as you can in 12hrs around a 1km circuit. Sounds pretty simple. The race starts at 6pm and finishes at 6am so as we’ll the mental challenge of the repetitive course ill also have to deal with running through the night. Good times!

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