Big Run

The few days after the Mt Solitary were spent recovering. My legs were smashed and I could still soreness in them the following Sunday. Obviously took a real beating out there.

Only a few runs in the last couple of weeks. The run of note would be yesterdays jog to Newport and back. 35km’s out and 35km’s back. I was keen to get in a good long run before Trailwalker next week – good training for Glasshouse next month.

I was out the door at 4.30am after a bowl of muesli and cup of tea. I kept the pace intentionally slow as I didnt want to do myself in and take time off recovering.

I felt great from the start and had to pace myself which felt unnatural but definitely necessary.

Hit the marathon mark in 3.28 and the 50km mark in 4.06. Slowed down a touch during the last 20km and finished up in 5.52 (5.02’s).

I took a bottle with 8 scoops of Hammer Perpeteum and drank about 2 litres of water and one powerade. Also had a hammer bar at the half way point.

Surprised how easy this run felt. Had a slightly worrying moment coming off Sydney road on the return leg as my right knee suddenly started hurting. A quick stretch of the itb and a bit of walking and luckily it went away.

Awoke this morning with no soreness whatsoever. So looks like it was a good option to go super slow.

100km on Friday for Oxfam Trailwalker and i’ll squeeze in another long run of around 50km a week later then taper off gradually so I get to Glasshouse itching to run. Can’t wait!

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