Pacing Duties

Not a good start to the week for me. After Sunday’s run I had to take 3 days off due to severe pain in my left shin. A bruise mysteriously appeared out of the blue and I could barely walk on Monday. Lots of R.I.C.E and by Wednesday it was feeling ok so I chanced the usual run home on Thursday – pain free. Very very strange.

Friday ended up being a write-off. Far too many drinks to mention. Wont be doing that again – ever. Think my limit has fallen to a maximum of 3! 

Saturday I was keen to get out on the trails and have a hard workout. There is a good 22.5km loop from my house around some local trails with some road thrown in too. I set off at race pace (3.30’s) and totally smashed myself. I wanted to fatigue the legs to make the most out of my pacing duties on Sunday. I managed to get around the course in 1.40 which was a massive 10 minutes quicker than 2 weeks ago.

Today was an early start to head out to Blacktown to be the 3hr pacer. Freezing at the start as usual. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Forgot how pinchy some of the hills were but got to halfway in 1.29 and kept that pace up until the last couple of km’s when i slowed down to try and encourage others to get in under 3hrs. 

Lots of good runners out there today. Plenty under 2.40 unlike last year. Great win for Sara Burgess – glad im on the same trailwalker team as her!

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