Training Summary

Another good week of training in the bank.

The usual runs home from work during the week. I had planned on doing a couple of ‘double runs’ but predictably that never happened. Maybe next week…

Today I did the same run as last week which was CP5 of the Oxfam Trailwalker course to the finish along with a run to the start of CP5 and a run home from the finish.

I started a couple of hours later than last week and managed to catch most of the rain that was falling in Sydney!

Today                                                      Last Week

Run to CP5 (11.7km)         52.06                                                        55.06

CP5 to CP6 (11km)            1.01                                                         59.39

CP6 to CP7  (7.5km)          49.22                                                       54.16

CP7 to finish (11km)          59.16                                                        1.07

Finish to home (9.5km)       42.39                                                       44.51

Overall a quicker run today without any extra perceived effort. It was cooler this week so that helps. I also had 6 scoops of perpetuem and hammer bar as opposed to just 4 scoops of perpetuem last week. I carried a water bottle today instead of a bladder. This helped me drink 1.5 litres in total which seemed plenty. Better than last weeks solitary litre.

Very wet and slippery out on the course. Pretty boggy. Unfortunately i managed to hit a boulder quite impressively with my right knee between CP5 and CP6. Blood everywhere and was sore for the rest of the run but hopefully no lasting damage. My left shin is sore too. It feels like its taken a wolloping too but I dont remember catching it on anything. I should live.

All up, 139km for the week in 11hrs 10minutes. I havent run this far in a week since February 2011! I’ll hopefully string together a few more weeks like this.

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