Busy Schedule

I learnt last week that I wouldn’t be able to run in GNW100 this November as I’m attending a wedding that day. To get my fix I then entered the Glasshouse 100 which takes place on 15th September.

The next day I then answered a request from Team GU Sports to be part of their Oxfam Trailwalker team as sadly one of their runners is injured. This race is held on the 24th August.

The Mt Solitary 45km race was moved from April and is now being run on the 5th August.

Finally I’m pacing the 3hr bus at the M7 marathon on 29th July. Busy busy but all good fun.

With the 100 miler coming round 2 months sooner than expected I’ve had to start ramping up my training. Yesterday I ran from CP5 to the finish line of the Oxfam Trail Walker course to familiarise myself with the route. Pretty cruisey and dropped the pace down a gear or two which was a nice change given all the faster efforts I’ve been doing.

After running from home to Frenches Forest then from the finish line home it ended up being just under 52km’s for that outing in 4hrs 40 (5.23’s).

I had 4 scoops of Hammer Perpeptuem and 1 litre of water. Energy wise I was fine but I’m a little concerned with how little I drank. I’ve noticed this to be the case when I venture out with only my Salomon Advanced 12 backpack. For some reason I never drink enough when drinking from a bladder and I feel as though I’m constantly chugging away. As I don’t need a backpack for Glasshouse 100 I’ll just take a couple of water bottles and therefore shouldnt have any issues.

Overall a good week of running. 120km in 10.5hrs with Wednesday off. Next week will be slightly longer.

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