Recovery Week

This week has been all about recovery.

My legs were pretty sore after the marathon which I think is a good reflection of the effort put in.

I had Monday and Tuesday off running completely then eased myself back into things with a run home from work on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday was a day off and just a short jog and walk on Saturday.

Today was a nice 19km run in the bush which was exactly what I needed. Phill came along too and ran an impressive 11.5km. I was dead chuffed. First time over 10km’s for her. Great stuff.

My legs feel good as new now and I’m looking forward to cranking up the mileage over the coming weeks.

I’m the 3hr pacer for the M7 Marathon at the end of July then a week later it’s full steam ahead for the Mt Solitary Marathon. I’m really excited by the prospect of running well here and if all goes to plan I hope to sneak under 5hrs. That’s certainly what I’ll be pushing for. The trouble is I haven’t been on the course since I raced it last year and I’ve mainly been focusing on douchegrade – certainly not Mt Solitary specific. It’s gonna be fun anyway.

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