Nervous Excitement

Getting pretty excited about the marathon now.

I had a massage yesterday to loosen up my legs. This left my right calf a little sore so I decided against doing a few sprints tonight. No real point.

I’ve been going over my training looking at exactly what I did in the build up to this marathon. I guess more to reassure myself that I’ve done enough. Which I haven’t really.

So, as per my prior post I’ve averaged about 70km’s a week over the last 12 weeks. This has consisted of 7 runs over 20km’s and 4 runs over 30km’s. At first it looks like I haven’t done enough runs over 30km so I looked back at the 12 weeks before I started training for the marathon and my runs of note included:

10 runs over 20km
2 runs over 30km
5 runs over 40km

Im pretty sure the endurance is there its just a matter of maintaining the required pace. Easier said than done.

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