Taper Time – Gold Coast Marathonm

Gold Coast Marathon is now just 7 days away. My training has more or less come to an end. Possibly 1 or 2 short runs during the week and that’s it.

Now it’s time to reflect. Below is a list of my weekly km’s from the last 12 weeks:

Week 1) 85
Week 2) 25
Week 3) 86
Week 4) 97
Week 5) 82
Week 6) 75
Week 7) 77
Week 8) 57
Week 9) 85
Week 10) 52
Week 11) 66
Week 12) 50

TOTAL = 837 km

I was hoping to be slightly above the 1200km mark but unfortunately this hasnt happened. No weekly totals above 100km’s is a bit of a joke really if I’m planning to hit 2.39 but it is what it is. however, the kilometres that have been registered are mostly of very good quality – that’s something I’m confident of.

Looking back over last years 12 week build up period To the M7 Marathon when I hit 2.48 I realised that I had run even less than this years build up. See stats below:

Week 1) 45
Week 2) 22
Week 3) 98
Week 4) 29
Week 5) 85
Week 6) 92
Week 7) 61
Week 8) 69
Week 9) 16
Week 10) 78
Week 11) 129
Week 12) 62

TOTAL = 786 km

From memory, I certainly didn’t include as many quality interval sessions as this time around so I’m certainly in a better position.

I’m confident of a pb as I know I could drill off 3.55’s for a 2.45 marathon pretty comfortably now.

However, I really want to run to the very edge of my ability. If I play it safe and come away with a 2.45 then so what. If I stretch myself and hit my dream time of 2.39 then the feeling when I finish will be so much sweeter knowing that I left everything out on the course.

The flip side of this is that I could quite easily fall apart at the 30km part. My recent half marathon pb of 1.18 suggests a marathon best of 2.44.30 according to McMillans calculator. So pushing for 2.39 is certainly a gamble. I’m going to have to bring my A game.

I plan to run very consistent 3.46 km’s throughout knowing I’m going to be digging deep come the 30km point.

My concern at this stage is my right calf. It’s still niggling me and I know I have to be in perfect condition to hit my target time.

I’ll run home from work tomorrow and if I feel the slightest niggle then I won’t run until race day. Besides, I’m not going to get the training effect from anything I do now until the race.

I’ve stocked up on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in particular beetroot which I’ll be loading up on throughout the week.

5 thoughts on “Taper Time – Gold Coast Marathonm

  1. Good luck Ian. Been following your training for a while and you seem to have bucket loads of natural pace and talent. 2:39 is going to be a cracker of a run!

  2. This is horrible… you will be finished the 30k – WAY before I am finished 21.5km???? 😦
    I never thought of adding up my weekly run totals (I will do that next time); makes me feel like a real amateur…

    My left calf gives me trouble and I am hoping not to fall apart either LOL… I am taking your good advice about all the fruit and vegies this weekend. What is the beetroot theory??? Does it make you run faster… 😛

    Sounds like a very fast pace!!! Good Luck. 😀

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