10 x 1km (40 sec recovery)

Getting pretty excited now with the Gold Coast Marathon now only a week away.

This week I’ve been trying to take it pretty easy. Yay right calf is still playing up. Must be a slight strain which is frustrating.

So Monday was a rest day after Sundays effort. My calf was too sore to do anything.

Tuesday it seemed to have settled down a little so I managed a very slow run to Frenchs Forest. Only a slight niggle of pain towards the end. 21.7km in 1hr 44 (4.48’s).

Wednesday was another day off to settle the calf down.

Thursday was going to be another run to Frenchs Forest until I saw Phil just past the half way mark. Calf was niggling so I jumped in the car with her. 13.8km in 1hr 1 (4.26’s).

Today the calf was feeling good so I decided to head across to Lionel Watts park and pump out an interval session. This was more of a confidence session as I don’t plan to run much now until race day to give my calf a chance to really settle down.

After a slow jog up to the park with Phill it was 10 x 1km intervals with just a 40 second jogging recovery.

The planned pace for the first 6 intervals was 15 seconds slower than planned marathon pace. So this was meant to feel comfortable but not too comfy. Then the remaining 4 reps I planned to do at marathon pace. The idea being that these reps should feel easy in comparison giving me the confidence to drill off 42 of them next week!

Reps were as follows:

1) 3.29
2) 3.29
3) 3.29
4) 3.28
5) 3.29
6) 3.28
7) 3.44
8) 3.44
9) 3.44
10) 3.14

I averaged roughly 135 metres during the 40 second recovery between each rep.

Generally felt pretty good. Pleased with the consistent splits. I felt pretty good on my last rep so decided to give it a nudge. Probably shouldn’t have done that as my calf is niggling now.

Still, the session worked. I’m feeling pretty confident now of running a decent race.

All up including warm up and cool down 14.12km in 56.43 (4.00’s)

I’ll talk about my race strategy during the week giving an overview of my build up. Definitely a heap of room for improvement for my next one.

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