Training update

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks as I haven’t run a huge amount. My right calf has been playing up so I’ve been taking it fairly easy. Unfortunately this has led to a little too much drinking but it’s all good fun.

I’m in Frenchs Forest at the moment which means some fun trails to run on. There is an out and back run about 12.77km in length which takes me from Phill’s parents place to the end of the Cascades track and back.

The last time I ran this was exactly a year ago. I remember feeling it pretty good shape back then and was ecstatic to run this in 54.57 (4.18’s) – see here for the write up.

I thought if I could beat this time then I’m probably in decent shape. Looking at last yrs splits I thought I had a good chance, confident I was at least faster on the flat sections. The kilometre reps looked like this:

1) 3.24
2) 3.23
3) 3.48
4) 4.11
5) 4.10
6) 4.37
7) 4.17
8) 3.39
9) 3.56
10) 3.53
11) 3.55
12) 4.56
13) 4.09

All up I managed to take over 3 minutes off my time – 51.34 (4.01’s). Chuffed to say the least. I ran this like it was a race with the intensity right up there. Felt great!

With the Gold Coast Marathon 2 weeks away I wanted a fast hit out today. I missed my last long run (36km) last Sunday as my calf was too sore. I contemplated a 36km run today to make up for it but instead decided on a 26km option. No point pushing it too much now.

The route was from Frenchs Forest down to Manly and back again. Quite hilly with some good stretches of decent running available.

The first 2km’s were a warm up with the next 11km’s averaging 3.46’s.

The next 8km’s were slower than marathon pace averaging 4.10’s with the remaining 5km’s around 3.48 pace.

All up 26km in 1hr 42 (3.55’s). I forgot to take water so was a bit parched by the end of it but pleased to get this done. The hills were pinchy and slowed me down but I’m safe in the knowledge that the marathon course is pancake flat. I’m hoping I’ll be able to settle into a nice rhythm and just tick of the miles fairly easily until the 30km point when I’ll just be entering the pain cave. Can’t wait πŸ™‚

In other news I put my hand up to be the 3hr pacer at the M7 Marathon at the end of July. Should be a fun morning out and I hope there will be a good number of runners looking to duck under 3hrs for the first time.

Any thoughts on pacing for this one? I’m thinking of running the first half slightly quicker so as to have a buffer for the second half. When I ran this last year I ran a slight negative split but advice from others would be welcomed. It’s not entirely flat which makes it a little more challenging.

6 thoughts on “Training update

  1. Good luck for the GC Marathon… I am attempting the 1/2 which will be my first! I am FREAKIN out πŸ˜‰ LOL Can’t help you with your question 😦

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