Big Sunday

Conscious that I haven’t really done many runs over 30km in preparation for GCM I set out this morning for 36km in the rain. I’ve been chesty all week and really didn’t fancy a long run but time is running out.

I had a couple of pancakes for breakfast and then set out 30mins later with just my water bottle for company. My chest and throat soon felt better the moment I started moving.

The route was from home to Centennial Park and back.

The halfway mark was hit in 1hr 13, half marathon mark in 1hr 25 and I made it home in 2.27 (4.06’s).

I was waiting to hit a big wall after 30km given I hadn’t taken on board any fuel but this never happened. The run felt quite easy so it looks like breakfast beforehand was adequate enough.

Will do another 36km next week them start the taper.

Saturday I hit the trails with Phill and Neal. It was great to get out on the trails. Torrential rain again but it was my most enjoyable run in a long time.

Becoming fairly bored of road running now, the monotony is beginning to take its toll on my motivation. Looking forward to getting back onto the trails properly.

Only 85km for the week. I haven’t been near 100 in ages!

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