SMH Sydney Half Marathon

With the urge to race pretty strong I have entered the SMH half. This kicks off on the 20th May. Will be my first road half marathon so I’m keen to know how I’ll get on. Pretty sure I’ll take down my 1.21pb set last yr at SRI Chinmoy in Centennial Park. My only concern is that I seemed to have entered rather late so ill be surrounded by thousands of other runners looking to go under 2hrs instead of the sub 90 minute guys. Anyway should be a good experience and not too concerned about the time on the day. Gold Coast is the goal and thats all that matters.

My early plan will be to finish comfortably in 1hr 20 feeling as though I could do that all over again.

Today I did the 7 Bridges run and a few extra miles thrown in. Not really much fun but I got it done easily enough. I ran this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and didn’t take in any food and just a couple of hundred mls of water. Only started feeling hungry as I was a few hundred metres from home. 28.70km in 2.04 (4.19’s).

97km’s for the week. I’ll be looking to now ramp up for May and have 4 weeks in the 120km region.

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