The Lord Nelson

No running yesterday. Didn’t quite have the motivation to run early morning and then I spent the evening in The Lord Nelson pub. Managed to work my way through 5 pints. 3 pints of Trafalgar, 1 pint of Quayle and a pint of Nelsons Blood. Sadly all the Three Sheets had been drunk. Nelsons Blood was a bit rough but the rest went down quite nicely.

This morning I thought I should get my act together so I ran from my place to Centennial Park. The idea was to run about 30km at marathon pace. Due to the route I was just short of 30km. I couldn’t be bothered to make up the additional couple of kms fart arsing around. 27.70km in 1hr 48 (3.55’s). Felt pretty comfortable and confident of maintaining that pace for an additional 14km.

Again, I didnt take on board any fuel during the run. I feel like I can comfortably run for 2hrs on just air. Not aware if this is benefitting me in anyway but it doesn’t seem to be adversely affecting me.

With any luck I’ll be able to run around 3.50 per km on the day. Whatever happens I’m pretty confident of a PB.

Monday was the standard commute.

Sunday was nothing. I think im probably taking too many rest days but I’m due to ramp up the training for the month of May so enjoying these rest days when I can.

Saturday was a good hit out in the Blue Mountains. As Mt Solitary was cancelled I was keen for a decent run. Turned out to be 30 odd kilometres with the highlight being a solo effort up Kedumba in 49 minutes. Thats from the river to the car park. The garmin measured this as 8.05km and 731m of elevation. I was feeling pretty good about this until Andrew Vize told me he had run this a few days prior in 47 minutes. That’ll be the target for next time.

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