Back from Hols

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been holidaying up in Queensland.

Little chance to run whilst there as it was a holiday after all but managed to squeeze in 25km last week. All done at a high intensity so that’s something at least.

The highlight was my run up Mt Sorrow in Cape Tribulation. 650m over 3.5km. My garmin read 1700m afterwards but I did a few extra kilometres but must still be overstated. The guide book said to allow 5-6 hrs and not to do the walk after 10am and to take plenty of water. I set out at 2.30pm without water. Turns out it was pretty much unrunnable but more of a scramble. Good specific Mt Solitary training. I managed to squeeze out 10.60km in 1hr 28. Felt super strong on the scramble and moved pretty well. Probably lost about 3 litres of fluid though.

The week before was just 85km with the highlight being 46.7km along the Great North Walk from Lane Cove to Mt Kuringai in 5hrs 42. For some reason I didn’t feel great on this run but I only had 2 bananas so that might have been a factor.

So, Mt Solitary next week so I’ll just do my standard commute from work and have a day off Saturday. After the easy 2 weeks I’ve just had I’m feeling fresh and ready to rumble.

The boys at Ultra168 have done a nice race preview. I’m kindly seen as a dark horse but my pick for 1,2,3 will be Tony Fattorini, Mick Donges and Ben Artup. I’ll be happy to roll in after them. I plan on giving it absolute hell so we’ll see what happens. Itching to race. It’s been far too long..

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