Speed Work

Tonights session called for speed work. I warmed up by running over to Centennial Park then getting stuck into 12km’s of marathon paced running.

At first i felt a little sluggish, probably residual fatigue from the weekend, but once I warmed up I felt like I was flying along easily. Reps were:

  1. 3.53
  2. 3.54
  3. 3.44
  4. 3.48
  5. 3.49
  6. 3.46
  7. 3.37
  8. 3.47
  9. 3.44
  10. 3.38
  11. 3.37
  12. 3.44

Average 3.45 per km pace which is quicker than my planned marathon pace. Pleased with the effort and I felt stronger the further I went.

Warm up and cool downs were fairly rapid but felt easy. All up 18.46km in 1hr 11 (3.51’s).

Now for something completely different. After my run I nipped back to the office to pick up my bag and was presented with this amazing view. It didn’t last long and just came out of nowhere.



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