New Trail Found

On Saturday morning I met up with some the Ultra168 crew, Spud and TBull for a session in the mountains. It was a beauty of a day. Weather was perfect and track conditions were great.

Felt pretty strong the whole day. We kept it fairly cruisey for the most part and only really got the heart rate up on the hills.

Nellies Glen stairs was a solid effort with Vizey, TBull and I surging and pushing each other to the top. Vizey was making all sorts of noises as we neared the top which was quite entertaining. I would have joined in too but was struggling enough to just keep going. Tough work. Just shy of 46km all up.

A few photos of the day at the bottom of the page.

Today I wasn’t too sore so this afternoon ran to the top of Archbold Road as I found there was a track leading off there. Two Creeks Track was a great find! For the most part its a really fast trail with probably only 10% being slow and technical. It winds along Middle Harbour and ends up running under Roseville Bridge. Very scenic and reminded me of being in the Blue Mountains. 14km in total. Can see me running this whenever I have a spare hour to kill. Lovely.

Good week of training. 118km. No niggles, feeling great and getting excited for the Mt Solitary marathon in a few weeks.











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