Running with no Fuel

Took a day off running yesterday as I hadn’t had a day off in a week. As such, I was pumped to get out running today.

The last few long runs have all been completed without taking in anything other than water up to about 30km. Today I wanted to see what would happen if I went beyond that point.

Again I had my HRM on and the aim of the game was to keep my heart rate under 155 so I’m fat burning and getting the best aerobic workout.

The route took me from the office in Town Hall down to Centennial Park along to Clovelly Beach and then across to South Coogee.


Once at South Coogee I ran back along the coast past Bondi Beach and up to Dover Heights.


I then worked my way back towards the city and home to North Willoughby.

Pretty easy running for the first 25km or so. Had to walk some of the stairs and inclines to keep my heart rate down but overall was moving comfortably. From then on I was just waiting for the ‘bonk’ to happen. 30km came then 35km then 40km. All pretty cruise with no drop in energy.

I hit the marathon mark in 3.27 which was a nice surprise as I hadn’t looked at my accumulated time until that point. I finished up with 44.60km’s in the bank in 3.39 (4.55’s). Slow going but that was the idea. The good thing about not going anaerobic is that it leaves you feeling fresh.

So I’m thinking 50km + is possible on just water alone as long as you control your pace.

The garmin showed just over 750 metres of climbing so it wasn’t too flat either. Happy with the workout.

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