Interval Training Session

Monday and Tuesday was the standard 13.7km run home.

Today was my Centennial Park session of 5 x 2km with 400m recovery. I did these for the first time last week

They didn’t go to plan. This week I set out to hit consistent 7.20’s for each lap. (last weeks)


  1. 7.11 (7.35)
  2. 7.19 (7.46)
  3. 7.17 (7.15)
  4. 7.29 (7.36)
  5. 7.12 (7.05)

400 metres was jogged in around 2 minutes this time. So about 5 seconds slower than last week.


Overall a huge improvement in a week. Really pleased with that. Need to work on rep 4. If I can hit consistent 7.15’s for a couple of weeks that’ll be great.


All up 18.86 km in 1hr 18 (4.09’s)


Will continue with the maffetone method and just do this one anerobic session a week. In fact the only anaerobic part of this session were the 5 reps. Everything else was below 155bpm.

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