Beef Burger Running

Just a quick update on the training front.

Thursday I took a day off as I went drinking after work instead. Need to cut that out really. Good fun at the time though.

Friday was the standard 13.7km commute home in just over an hour.

Saturday I decided to dust off my HRM as I haven’t worn it since early January. Back then after coming back from Christmas I was struggling to keep my heart rate under 165 on easy runs. It was hot but I think I was just unfit.

I’ve been reading Phill Maffetones book on heart rate training. He suggests doing the bulk of your training no great than a certain heart rate to build endurance and speed. The heart rate for me is 155. So off I set up to Kuringai NP for a tester. To my surprise my HR was much lower than its ever been, certainly at the not too bad pace I was going. Even on the flats I was able to clip off decent 4.03 km’s without going above 155. The good thing about this run was that I felt fresh immediately after I had finished. The leech on my ankle was a lovely surprise once I was home too.

So Saturday was 27km in 2hrs 5min (4.37’s) HR Average 144

Today Phill and I went up to Newport Arms for lunch. After a good sized burger and chips and also Phills leftover pumpkin and feta salad I decided to run back, again all aerobically.

Immediately I regretted this decision as all I wanted to do was lie down for 2hrs and sleep off my lunch. The headwind and rain wasn’t helping either.

I really wanted to pull out but had no money phone on me so just had to suck it up. The run was down Pittwater road and up Wakehurst Parkway past the sports academy. Lots of smelly road kill and some good hills. Once at Frenchs Forest I felt decidedly better and was soon home.

24.80km in 1hr 56 (4.41’s) – HR Average 142

That’s 111km for the week in 8hrs 26.

No niggles and I think I might stick with this Maffetone method for a while but also maintain my Wednesday speed session.

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