Not A Great Session

Tonight was 5 x 2km with 400m recovery. Fancied changing it up after my usual commute home on Monday and Tuesday. Legs are still a little fatigued from Sundays effort so I thought it would be great if I could hit 7 minutes for each rep.

Well that didn’t happen…..After a 3km warmup the reps were:

  1. 7.35 (3.48’s)
  2. 7.46 (3.53’s)
  3. 7.15 (3.38) gave myself a good talking to after the previous reps…
  4. 7.36 (3.48’s) slipping again.
  5. 7.05 (3.33’s)

So it looks like I was a little ambitious however as poor as an excuse as this is there was a really strong headwind and it just made it feel tougher than it should have been. Probably all in the mind as the last effort was decent so who knows. Maybe the garmin was underestimating the distance….yeah right! Next time I’ll aim for 7.15’s and see what happens.

The 400m recoveries were done in 1.56.


All up including warmup and cool down 18.5km in 1hr 19 (4.18’s)

One thought on “Not A Great Session

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