End of Week Wrap Up

With the 6FT Track Marathon cancelled this weekend I had a fair bit of energy to use up. I had hired a house in Katoomba with Phill and her parents so used the opportunity to go for a bush walk. There were plenty of offers to go running with other 6footers but I never go walking and it turned out to be great fun.

After the 3hr walk I had some lunch then went out for a quick run from Katoomba to Blackheath. I managed to find some private 4 wheel drive tracks and after a bit of bush bashing had a great trail all to myself. The weather was perfect, a little boggy underfoot in some parts but very runnable.

Today I wanted to log a 30km run as part of my marathon programme. I did this run with just 500ml of water and guessed I probably wouldn’t need any food. The route was from North Willoughby up Pacific Highway to Bobbin Head and back again. I didn’t have much time so needed to run fairly quickly. Set out at 2pm so it was quite hot but not uncomfortable.

I hit the turnaround in 1hr 25secs after pushing the pace so I then set the target of making it home in under 2 hours. I just about managed this with the final 2km’s being 3.44 a piece.

All up 30km in 1hr 59min 48 sec (4min pace).

Felt strong and comfortable the entire way. Need to watch I don’t push the pace too hard in my long runs but I certainly wasn’t red lining at all today.

101 kilometres for the week. No niggles. Feeling great.

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