Disappointingly the 6Ft Track Marathon has been cancelled this weekend due to weather so my taper has been in vain. On hearing the news I decided to head out and hit some interval work.

The plan was 10 x 1km at 10sec faster than marathon pace with a 200 meter recovery. So I was targeting 3.40’s which I’d hope would be reasonably comfortable.

The reps were:

  1. 3.35
  2. 3.39
  3. 3.38
  4. 3.35
  5. 3.33
  6. 3.31
  7. 3.33
  8. 3.28
  9. 3.17
  10. 3.23

The 200 meter recoveries averaged about 52 seconds each (4.21 pace).

I thought the 9th rep was my last one which is why I ran it quicker. Recovered easy enough.


This session felt very comfortable. Pleased with the quality I’m putting in at the moment. To think just over a year ago I was barely hitting 4 minute km’s without a struggle. The progression is really motivating.


All up 14.03km including warmup and cooldown in 53.96 (3.47’s)


3 thoughts on “Intervals

  1. great session Ian, I too was looking forward to my first go on 6ft tomorrow. it is good to read that a year ago you were closer to the 4min speed, gives me hope of improving! having got the bay down to under 28mins now I just need to put in the miles

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