With 6ft Track fast approaching my taper is well under way. There has been a vast decrease in mileage with more focus on speed.

After looking at a wedding venue in Freshwater I decided to run home back to Willoughby. A few hills, nothing too large so the plan was a marathon paced run – 3.54’s

I set myself the goal of trying to keep all of my kilometres under 4 minutes but this turned out to be unrealistic on the hillier sections. For now…

17.35 kms all up. Reps were:


  1. 3.57
  2. 3.32
  3. 3.40
  4. 3.50
  5. 4.00
  6. 3.53
  7. 3.54
  8. 3.53
  9. 3.22
  10. 4.14
  11. 4.01
  12. 3.35
  13. 3.39
  14. 3.41
  15. 3.35
  16. 3.42
  17. 3.32
  18. 1.16

All up I up I pulled this off in 1hr 5min 21 (3.46’s).


It felt remarkably easy, possibly due to the cooler weather, and I would have happily carried on at that pace for another 10km but common sense prevailed.


No idea where this new found speed has come from but I’m not complaining. I’m loving these more intense workouts way more than the longer slower ones at the moment.


The most positive part of today’s workout was my ability to recover after the hills and settle back into a decent running rythm. Bodes well for the Black Range!


With all this rain we are experiencing there is half a chance the race may be cancelled which will be a shame. Regardless I’ll be in the Blue Moutains for the weekend as I have rented a house so I’ll find some trails to thrash myself on with other people in the same boat.


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