A Breakthrough Run

The first 6 weeks of this year I really struggled to find a groove with my running. The large majority of runs felt as though I was putting in far too much effort for the times I was running.

Then suddenly, during this last week or so it has suddenly all come together. I read somewhere that it takes about 6 weeks for the training effect to kick in, this could be it!

This evening I was going to head to Centennial Park and tick off some kilometre reps but Phill had the day off sick so I fancied a quick run home instead rather than getting home late.

The plan was to run fartlek style the whole way home. I’ve been reading Iron War by Matt Fitzgerald which is a great read and goes into detail the famous Ironman duel between legends Dave Scott and Mark Allen. Those two guys were a cut above the rest because of their ability to suffer more than their competitors. There is a chapter in the book which talks about a study carried out which proves that athletic performance is largely determined by the brain. The body is a lot more capable of performing tasks if you are willing to push hard. I won’t go into the science but I based my run around this.

The plan was to sprint for no set time or distance then settle into a recovery jog and sprint again. I’ve tried this before and packed it in shortly afterwards and it was plain tiring. Today was a little different.

My sprinting felt really fluid and I was able to run further and faster than I thought I could. My recovery jogs ended up being my standard commuting pace with the end result being my fastest commute home ever!

I feel surging and then recovering and surging again is great specific training for hard racing. I pictured myself racing with Mark and Scott in the final stages of the marathon not wanting to give up my position. I’m starting to really believe this running lark is more about your mental strength than anything else.

With just under 400 metres of elevation gain its not the easiest run with lots of sharp hills but there are chances to stretch the legs out. Reps are:

1) 4.11
2) 3.40
3) 3.44
4) 3.50
5) 3.30
6) 4.56
7) 3.44
8) 4.23
9) 4.50
10) 3.38
11) 3.38
12) 3.33
13) 4.30
14) 2.33 (700m)

54.33 average pace 3.59 which up until today I thought was impossible on this course. I suddenly feel I’ve raised my standards and I feel like I’m peaking at just the right time for 6ft Track.

With just 10 days to go until the big dance I’m more confident than ever now of putting in a performance to be proud of.

With that in mind I’ll take a enforced rest day tomorrow and will starting toning things down so I’m as fresh as can be for the big day.

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