Pie as Marathon Fuel

Last night I was on my own so at 5pm I decided to head out for a very easy paced run in my new New Balance MT110.

Put 500ml of water in my backpack along with $20 and headed out. Pace was set to slow and I jogged off towards Manly. I had no real idea of how long I’d be out for but figured I’d turn around somewhere past the 20km mark.

Running so slowly, for the first half at least, was quite tricky. My les felt awesome but the plan wasn’t to smash myself. So I just soaked up the feeling of how easy this was all feeling.

Got to Manly in just over an hour and it was pumping. Had a few drunken idiots throw some comments my way, pretty standard. I gave it right back of course, fairly safe in the knowledge that I could outrun a bunch of pissheads.

I ended up running almost to Dee Why which was 22km in. I had barely touched a drop of water as I hadn’t really worked up a sweat. Half marathon mark was 1.40 exactly. I was feeling hungry though so decided to turn round a grab a famous Spinach Cheese Corn pie and powerade at the 30km mark.


Paused my watch for 5 minutes as I inhaled my food and drink and then continued on my way. It was now dark and it’s amazing how much faster you feel you are running, when your really not.

Legs were beginning to feel a little tired but i had plenty of energy. Once back into Mosman I figured that if I hit 4.30’s for the next 6km then I would pass the marathon mark in 3.23. So that’s what I did. Felt comfortable and I finished up with 44km under my belt in 3.34.

Average pace for the run was 4.52’s which is a tad over a minute per km off my target GC marathon pace – I guess this was why it felt easy.

My shoes were great. No soreness the next day. Definitely my shoe of choice for every single occasion.

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