Running Home

This week so far has consisted of 3 runs home from work, 13.7km a piece. To be honest it’s a fairly dull run but always a good workout with the hills involved.

On Tuesday I happened to shave a few seconds off my personal best and cruised home in 56.23. Not a remotely swift time on the flat but over the topography of the course it’s not too shabby.

The start is nice and flat around circular quay then it’s up Argyle St and up the stairs to the base of the Harbour Bridge. A quick sprint up the stairs to get on the bridge then it’s a cruisey ride to the other side. Then I go along Ennis Road up to Alfred St and then up the beast which is Alfred St North. This section is the killer and I’m normally keeled over at the top. From there it’s fairly sweet all the way home with a sharp climb towards the end of Willoughby Road.

Reps from Tuesday are as follows:

1) 4.21
2) 3.45
3) 4.04
4) 4.13
5) 4.05
6) 4.38
7) 3.53
8) 4.17
9) 4.55
10) 3.53
11) 3.43
12) 3.39
13) 4.17
.7) 2.34

Around 2 weeks now until 6ft Track. Training will continue the same as it has been. Mileage hasn’t been huge in the lead up but I’ll look to do some faster sessions to sharpen up. All sights are set on a sub 4hr debut which I’ll be gunning for.

Photo below taken as I write this. You don’t get that back in England


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