Training Update

Friday was a day off as I wanted to be fresh for a few laps of The Bay Run on Saturday.

It’s a 7km loop on a pretty flat track and I was hoping to run 3.54’s for the most part.

I cycled there on my fixie which was a decent workout in itself. By the time I got there my legs were already screaming.

2km’s at 4.29 pace and then I was into it. I managed to hit my first rep in 3.54 then it all went downhill from. Averaged around 4 minute pace for the rest of the loop. The heat was getting to me and I was dealing with sun tan lotion running into my eyes. The 2nd loop averaged around 4.10’s and the third loop was slightly quicker. I had pretty much overheated and I was over it by the time I finished my 3rd loop. No way was I going around again. Average pace including warmup and warm down for the 3 loops was 4.07. Just shy of 21km. I then smashed my legs again by riding home.

I have to remember I’m English and I can’t run fast in any type of heat. Pointless even trying. I’ll save my faster efforts for cooler days.

Today I had planned to ride to Mosman and do a couple of Ultra168’s hill loops. I sacked that idea off the moment I woke up. I had no inclination to run loops on a road and fancied getting onto the trails instead. It was to be a nice slow run for the soul.

The run was from my place in Willoughby over to Davidson Park. From there you hit some decent trails, the Lyre Bird Track and Governor Philip Walk then onto the Cascades Track. Roughly 4.45 pace on the roads and 6.30 pace on the trail. Pretty overgrown and slow going. Nice run though.

After climbing out of the cascades you reach Frenchs Forest then it’s road all the way home. 25.7km in 2hrs 18. Good fun

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