Feeling Good

This week is the first time this year that I’ve started to feel really good. My running feels like it is finally coming together and I’m becoming more motivated.

Monday turned into 25km’s as I was a little early for interval training at NRG. So I spent some time running around the oval before we started. There was a lack of fast runners so I probably didn’t push myself as much as I would normally. I certainly hammered the up hills as hard as I could but eased up on the flats.

Tuesday was the standard 13.7km commute. Boring as hell but it’s better than being on a bus.

Wednesday I had to stay late at work for an overseas call. I had a little time to kill so ran across to Centennial Park for 6 1kilometre repeats with a 400 metre recovery. The plan was to run these at 10km race pace – around the 3.30 mark. Reps as follows:

1) 3.35
2) 3.30
3) 3.38 (uphill??!)
4) 3.27
5) 3.32
6) 3.32

Recovery 400m were in the 1.50 mark. The reps weren’t quite on pace but not too far off. Doing these solo is always a challenge.

I then ran for 2.3km and decided as I still had a little time left to run 3km at marathon goal pace (3.54’s). Splits were:

1) 3.55
2) 3.50
3) 3.44

Actually felt very comfortable and didn’t fill me with dread for Goldy.

All up it was just shy of 21km for the evening run. Felt awesome afterwards.

Thursday was the regular commute home. Felt nice and easy tonight despite the heat.

The weekends plan is to run 30km on the Bay Run track to change things up. 5km warm up, 20km at marathon goal pace, 5km warm down. I may then head to Roseville on Sunday for 6 hill repeats.

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